Mallory Keeler


About Me

Mallory Keeler is an American born actress from Houston, Texas. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Performance and Production at Texas State University after transferring from a BFA Musical Theatre program at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Singing, acting and dancing have always been a part of Mallory’s life. Starting in modern dance and then exploring all aspects of dance, to falling in love with musical theatre after her first musical Seussical.

Mallory spent her young life in community theatre across Houston, then began directing her senior year of high school. She has acted in featured films, short films, music videos, stage and comedy. She also has directed film and stage theatre throughout her career.

Since transferring to Texas State, Mallory has begun writing plays, performing stand up comedy and improv comedy. This year she will be a development director with a theatre company as well as an improv officer at Texas State University. Mallory is also very active in her community and is involved as a worship leader at her church.

Mallory is very passionate about activism and supporting what she believes in. In August of 2020 she started a YouTube channel called Covers For Cares with her best friend Ashitaka Porter. The channel consists of covers of songs that all support a cause or charity.

When Mallory is not on stage or behind a camera you can find her cooking, playing board games, or planning trips she hopes to go on.